Ferrari 512tr

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  • Make: Ferrari
  • Year:1992
  • Colour:Red

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About the Ferrari 512tr

The Ferrari 512tr, with its over-the-top straked sides, remains a Ferrari icon.

This car is the improved, second-generation Testarossa built in 1992 and one of 2,280 manufactured. The engine gained Nikasil cylinder liners, a Bosch Motronic engine management system and more efficient exhaust.

Has a displacement of 4,943cc DOHC producing a 428bhp at 6,750rpm (319kW). The rear of the car houses a boxer motor – horizontally opposed 12 cylinder – 48 valve motor. This car will produce 0-100km in a staggering 4.9 seconds with a top speed of 314 kph. The design comes from Pininfarina providing stunning and unique features, noteably the twin water cooling vents in the doors to direct air to two radiators and made the rear of the car wider and handling more stable. Weighing in at 1,475 kg carrying a 100 litre fuel tank.

Hiring Information

  • Contact:Mark
  • Location:Canberra/ACT
  • Hire Cost:$200 (per hour)
  • Availability:Owner will Confirm on Booking

Booking information including email address and contact numbers will immediately be emailed to you upon receipt of your submission.

Vehicle Details

  • Make: Ferrari
  • Model: 512tr
  • Year:1992
  • Body Type:2 door coupe
  • Seating:2
  • Colour:Red
  • Cylinders:48
  • Litres:5.0
  • Bhp:4280
  • Kilowatts:319

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