Subaru Liberty GT

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  • Make: Subaru
  • Year:2011
  • Colour:Satin White Pearl

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About the Subaru Liberty GT

The Subaru Liberty GT is the top of the line all wheel drive flagship Liberty model – complete with its luxury all leather interior and turbocharged boxer engine performance, this is a lush but fun car to drive. With seating for 5 adults, this would be a perfect alternative to the usual Holden and Ford marques for weddings, formals, etc. This car is exhilarating to drive with its modified performance – with more performance improvements on the way. Although it has a subtle looking exterior, it has WRX-like blistering acceleration but with room and comfort only equalled by the more expensive European models, and at less cost.

Hiring Information

  • Contact:eljay1964
  • Location:Canberra
  • Hire Cost:$150 (per hour)
  • Availability:Weeknights

Booking information including email address and contact numbers will immediately be emailed to you upon receipt of your submission.

Vehicle Details

  • Make: Subaru
  • Model: Liberty GT
  • Year:2011
  • Body Type:4 door
  • Seating:5
  • Colour:Satin White Pearl
  • Cylinders:4
  • Litres:
  • Bhp:270
  • Kilowatts:200

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