About Us

There’s a lot of Exotic car owners out there that love to drive and share their passion for these vehicles whether they drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin, DriveDay.com was created to share the passion with those that can’t afford to own a Exotic car however are prepared to hire one for that special occasion.
DriveDay.com is a web-based service that facilitates bringing buyers and sellers together connecting consumers that want a classy ride to that special occasion. By listing your Exotic car, the car owner can offset some of those fixed costs, as well as share the passion and have some fun along the way. The consumer will have access to the largest range of private Exotics in Australia, with savings of up to 80%, compared to traditional car rental costs.
Most of us have dreamt of owning a prestige car, however when you consider the cost of buying, running and maintaining an Exotic vehicle, many are asking ‘what are the options to reduce my cost and enjoy the thrill of owning an Exotic vehicle?’
DriveDay.com is not a traditional car rental company, we are an online community, connecting passengers who are no longer prepared to pay the high car rental costs and want more choice. There are thousands of Car Owners across Australia willing to drive their car and passengers to their special event.
There is no cost to join DriveDay.com.  DriveDay.com provides this service at no cost to you in order to help connect Drivers and Passengers with a passion for Exotics and any transaction is between them.
Enjoy DriveDay.com and email us at info@driveday.com with your experience on the site.