Supercharged BMW E46 M3

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  • Make: BMW
  • Year:2004
  • Colour:carbonschwarz - blue pearl black

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About the Supercharged BMW E46 M3

(E46) (2001 – 2006) Its 3.2-liter, six-cylinder engine produces 333 horsepower. Its six-speed manual transmission and road-gripping M Variable Differential lock make any trip a soul-stirring experience. The M3 Coupe. You’ll never look back.
Engine: Now supercharged by Active Autowerks in USA, this made for a much more enjoyable experience at close to 500hp. With Champagne leather interior offset with black marble trim this índividual’ special order car is the best mix of performance and luxury

Hiring Information

  • Contact:redbackm3
  • Location:ACT
  • Hire Cost:$300 (per hour)
  • Availability:Owner will Confirm on Booking

Booking information including email address and contact numbers will immediately be emailed to you upon receipt of your submission.

Vehicle Details

  • Make: BMW
  • Model: E46 M3
  • Year:2004
  • Body Type:2 door coupe
  • Seating:4
  • Colour:carbonschwarz - blue pearl black
  • Cylinders:6
  • Litres:3.3
  • Bhp:500
  • Kilowatts:

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